Per Ahlström


Journalism College Gothenburg, -71. State Power Board information officer, 1971-73. Reporter and Editor in Chief, The Metal Worker, 1973-82, Information Secretary to the Minister of Energy 1983-84, Editor-in-Chief Nya Norrland/Dagbladet 1985-2000. Consultant (business development, leadership, political commentary) 2000-2010. Retired and emigrated to the U.S. 2010. 


Journalist and political analyst who moved to the US in 2010. After a stint as a technical writer for a year I am now working on my first novel and looking for consulting work. 
I would love to write about energy policy, a field where enthusiasm and denial of realities seem to set the agenda for the debate. It is time to set records straight for both the left and the right and have them look at facts. I have published a book in Swedish on the subject and I am looking into adapting it for the US market.
I am also an auto historian, specializing in the history of the unit body and I have come up with some new information that I think is rewriting the established history a bit.

Specialties: Energy policy, general economic policies, automotive history (Citroens and unit body development as subspecialties).

(Last update: 22.10.2013)