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    Tom Karlsson

    Managing Director, Streets and Traffic Department, City of Uppsala Sweden Tom Karlsson is MSc in Civil Engineering and specialized in Transit and City Planning.

    Mr Karlsson was earlier regional manager of Skanska Road and Infrastrucure and is currently ...

    Asko Kauppi

    Founder, BM Design Finland Asko Kauppi is an IT consultant from Finland. In 2010 he founded BM Design Ltd. in order to realize a light-weight automated PRT transportation project named BM One. Asko has worked with ...

    Jenny Kihlberg

    Uppsala Municipality

    Nathan Koren

    Podaris Ltd

    Alain Kornhauser

    Professor, Princeton University & Chairman ATRA Alain Kornhauser is an original founding member of ATRA and involved in PRT since 1971. One of the organizers and contributors to the first three original PRT conferences in the early ...

    Alexander Kyllmann

    Managing Director, ModuTram Mexico Alexander Kyllmann is an electrical engineer with a B.S. degree from Rice University (USA), M.S. degree from Stanford University (USA) and Executive M.B.A.from IPADE (Mexico). He has over 20 ...