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    Netanel Goldberg

    Founder, AutoMate Netanel Goldberg is the founder of “AutoMate”, a new venture embarked  on  creating  a  mass  transportation  system  that  allows  the  ...

    Luca Guala

    Senior Manager, Systematica Italy Luca Guala graduated in Transport Engineering (M. Sc. Eng) at the University of Cagliari, Italy. He then achieved a Research Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Transport Technique and Economics at the ...

    Jörgen Gustafsson

    CTO, Vectus PRT Sweden Jörgen Gustafsson received an MBA from Uppsala University, Sweden in 1996 and an MSc in Electrical Engineering from Linküping University, Sweden in 1987. He is Chief Technology Officer at ...

    Bengt Gustafsson

    CEO, Beamways Sweden