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    Doug Payne 

    Executive Director, Solar Tech Doug Payne is co-founder and Executive Director of SolarTech, an industry consortium launched in early 2006 with a vision towards creating a Solar Industry “Center of Excellence”. The ...

    Steve Perliss

    Western Regional Director, Lea+Elliott / American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Steve Perliss is a principal in the San Francisco office of Lea + Elliott. He also directs overall business development activities for the firm. Steve has over 20 years of broad-based ...

    Eric Phillips

    Project Engineer, Lea+Elliott Eric Phillips has been a Project Engineer with Lea+Elliott, Inc since April 2008. He currently supports various projects with a specialization on train control, communications, and ...

    Manuel Pineda

    Acting Deputy Director, City of San Jose, Department of Transportation

    Jeral Poskey 

    Google Jeral Poskey was formerly the Vice President of Taxi 2000 and former ATRA Treasurer and Chair. Now he works with Google. Jeral earned his MBA from Stanford University, focusing on ...