Track R: ATRA Program: Innovation and Research Program

December 10 2009 , 09:00 am - 12:00 pm

09:00 am  Introduction by Prof. Ingmar Andreasson, KTH Inst. of Technology

09:10 am  Prof. em. Edward AndersonOvercoming Headway Limitations in PRT Systems

09:35 am  Palle R. Jensen: RUF Dualmode Network Considerations

10:00 am  Prof. em. Henk van ZuylenValue Increase of Real Estate - Case Study in the Port of Rotterdam

10:20 am  Break, Tea & Coffee

10:50 am  Prof. David JefferySimulation modelling of PRT and other advanced transit concepts in CityMobil

11:15 am  Prof. Lars Johansson: Podcars From a Sustainability Perspective 

11:35 am  Prof. Alain Kornhauser: Personal Rapid Transit; Focusing on the Beginning Rather Than the End