Track S: KOMPASS & Real Estate invitation to attending Cities

December 10 2009 , 09:00 am - 12:00 pm

9:00 am  Introduction by Magnus Hunhammar

9:10 am  Thomas BergmarkSustainable Retailing

9:35 am  Sten Wetterblad: Via Academica – Connecting Stockholm Campus Areas with Podcars?

10:00 am  Jochen RabeThe Design challenge - Lessons from PRT Studies at Heathrow, Bristol and Bath           

10:20 am  Break, Tea & Coffee

10:50 am  Sonal Ahuja: Can Podcars Serve the City of Delhi, India? 

11:10 am  Linda Andersson: Tendering and Financing of Podcars - Different options

11:30 am  KOMPASS Meeting -  Open meeting  chaired by Mr. Hans Lindqvist